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The Rain Catcher

Rain Catcher



Rain Catcher

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"It works, I was amazed that Smell-NO-Mor worked so quickly.
Thank you for introducing me to the product."

James from Pietermaritzburg

“.....Oh Madam, my feet and shoes stopped smelling. I want some for
my boss as well.....he knows his feet smell”

Lindelwe from Duncan Village

“Smelly feet were always a sensitive problem for me. I became angry
when my family touched the subject because there was not much I
could do about it. I am so glad to say This is the solution. Thank you
for introducing me to Smell-NO-Mor foot powder”

Peter from Beacon Bay

“It works like a bomb! I used it for my son and within 3 days his feet
and shoes stopped smelling. I never thought I would see the day that it
happens. By the way, I have recommended Smell-NO- Mor to lots of

Estelle from Vincent Gardens, East London

"My wife brought the Smell-NO-Mor foot powder home, she heard
from someone at work about it. I tried it and will never stop using it
again. It is not expensive at all and it is effective”

Mr Gysman from Buffalo Flats

Invented South Africa LLC